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IIHS news release • November 1, 2018

IIHS updates used vehicle list for teens, shows why small cars should be avoided

ARLINGTON, Va. — When it’s time for a new driver’s first set of wheels, many young people and their parents opt for something cute and inexpensive — in other words, small. In terms of safety, that’s a mistake.

IIHS recently conducted a pair of front-to-front crash tests demonstrating what happens to small cars and minicars — even new ones with stellar safety ratings — when they collide with larger used vehicles from the same manufacturer. The results show the importance of size and weight when it comes to occupant protection.

The tests reinforce a message IIHS has been sending since it began publishing an annual list of recommended used vehicles for teens in 2014: An older, larger used vehicle is often a safer choice than a newer small vehicle that costs the same. This year’s list of recommended vehicles for teens includes 53 Best Choices, which start under $20,000, and 62 Good Choices, which start under $10,000. All the models on both lists are midsize cars or larger.

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