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Polarity Smart Bikes unveiled its Personal Mobility electric bike in India. Have a look at the glimpse of the video.
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Pune-based electric two-wheeler brand, Polarity has released the second teaser of its upcoming products. The company also confirmed through its Instagram post that it will introduce six road-legal pedal-assisted (Executive and Sports Series) electric scooters on 20 September.

The new teaser video reveals various premium features of the upcoming product. The lighting, for example, will be full LED (headlight, tail lamp and blinkers). The sleek LED blinker are reminiscent of KTM motorcycles and give a proper premium look to the upcoming electric bikes. The spherical headlight features a round ring that looks appealing.

The top speed of the vehicle is rated at 100 km/h. The total range is yet to be revealed, although the pedal system will ensure that you can at least ride the motorcycle to the nearest charging point instead of pushing it.

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