Evolet Launches Electric Two-Wheelers In India | Rissala Electric Motors Pvt Ltd.

Rissala Electric Motors Private Limited has launched three electric scooters and an electric quad bike as part of its Evolet brand debut.
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Rissala Electric Motors Private Limited (REM) is an electric mobility start-up which has launched the Evolet brand of electric scooters, motorcycles and quad bikes in India. The company’s entry-level products include the Evolet Polo Pony, Polo and Derby electric scooters. Prices for the Polo Pony begin at ₹ 39,499, and for the Polo at ₹ 44,499 while prices for the Derby begin at ₹ 46,499. Each model is available in two variants each, with different types of batteries, either with valve-regulated lead acid or lithium ion, with the entry-level models being equipped with lead acid batteries. All the Evolet electric scooters come equipped with brushless DC motors.


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