Little Singham | Official Song – Police Ki Vardi Sher Ka Dum Telugu version

Naam hain iska Little Singham! Little Singham brings all his swag, strength and style for his latest song Telugu version. Our beloved #supercop Singham is coming back, this time on your Television. Little Singham is the same as our beloved Singham, only he is little. He even says his signature line “Atta Maajhi Sataklee”. Your kids will love watching his adventures as he teaches all the evildoers a lesson. Catch Little Singham starting on 21st April, 2018 at 1:30 PM and 5:30 PM only on Discovery Kids! Till then, enjoy this catchy theme song to Little Singham.

Little Singham, the cartoon show for kids is coming soon Discovery Kids in April 2018. Little Singham is presented by Rohit Shetty, in collaboration with Discovery Kids and produced by Reliance Animation and Rohit Shetty Pictures.

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