2019 Okinawa i-Praise Real Mileage/EV RANGE TEST – Sports Mode | GEARFLIQ | हिंदी में

At the time of its launch in Dec 2017, Okinawa Praise was the first Electric Scooter in India to announce an unbelievably high range/mileage of 170-200 km in a single charge. Unfortunately, company’s claim failed to hold ground when it came to delivering these numbers in real life conditions. But that was around 1.5 years ago and was true for the Lead Acid Battery version.. What about now?

Team Members from GearFliQ tested the Praise prototype lithium ion version last year & rode it all the way to Khardung La Pass in Ladakh, experiencing some of the most extreme conditions a regular commuter scooter can ever be subjected to. It sure turned out to be a winner.

In this video, we bring to you a real life mileage test (Range in case of EVs) riding it through thick city traffic, open state highways, steep mountain inclines, etc., and check if Okinawa i-Praise can live up to its promises.

Suggest us what other Electric Vehicles (EVs) you’d like us to review!

Hindi Review!
Note: Range figures based on vehicle odometer reading at the end of the test.





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