Ather 450 and Nexon EV | First Impressions

Had to chance to check out two new exciting electric vehicles or EVs. Test drove only the Nexon EV though since I was not ready to ride yet. Loved the Nexon but need to drive longer to make a call. Hope you enjoy this video.

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Riding Gear
Rynox Tornado
Rynox Storm Evo
Rynox Advento Pants
RE Riding shoes

Bike Maintenance
WD-40 Chain cleaner
Chain lube
Chain cleaner brush

Electronics & Vlogging gear
GoPro Camera
GoPro Mic Adapter
GoPro 5/6/7 Adapter
Mini Tripod
Sony Camera
GoPro Pole Mount
Rotating Tripod
Joby Tripod
Multiport charger (don’t miss this one!)

Safety & Tool kit
Stanley Socket Set
Tubeless tyre puncture kit
First Aid Kit

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